What is Goods In Transit insurance?

It is a policy that covers your insured goods against loss of or damage by

  • fire
  • theft
  • accidental means

Coverage applies whilst the goods are

  • in transit in a road vehicle or train
  • housed in the ordinary course of transit

Key coverage

Here is an overview of your coverage

Fire, Theft or Accidental Means

Fire, Theft or Accidental Means

Covers loss of or damage to goods by fire, theft or accidental means within the territorial limit (except as provided in the exclusions) whilst

  • in or on or being loaded on or unloaded from any road vehicle or goods train
  • whilst temporarily housed in the ordinary course of transit whether on or off the said conveyance

Lorry Clause

Lorry Clause

Covers loss or damage to goods by fire, collision and conveyance overturning.



For an additional premium, you may extend coverage to Riots & Strikes, as provided in the Strikes, Riot & Civil Commotion Clause.

How much is my premium?

Your premium may vary, depending on 

  • Type of cover selected
  • Any additional cover selected
  • Sum insured
  • Our underwriting requirements

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What we don’t cover

Leakage or spillage of any liquid gas or goods from containers, unless caused by

  • fire
  • an accident to the conveyance
  • an object falling onto the conveyance

Loss, destruction or damage caused by

  • weather and atmospheric conditions
  • wear and tear
  • moths, vermin or insects
  • damp, mildew or rust
  • defective packing, hooks or slings
  • Delays and loss of market
  • depreciation or deterioration
  • Contamination, fermentation or spontaneous combustion  or consequential loss of any kind

Theft or pilferage in which any employee of the insured is concerned as principal or accessory

Loss, destruction or damage following

  • volcanic eruption, subterranean fire, earthquake or other convulsions of nature
  • war, acts of invasion  of  foreign enemy hostilities (whether war is declared or not)
  • civil war, rebellion  or revolution
  • military insurrection  or usurped power
  • riot, strike and civil commotion
This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the sample policy contract for the full list of exclusions under this policy.
Important information

This plan is underwritten by Tokio Marine Insurans (Malaysia) Berhad. All benefits and features mentioned herein are subject to terms and conditions of the policy. It is In your best interest to refer to the Policy Contract for the precise terms and conditions of this insurance plan. The information shown here is for reference only and is accurate as at 30 June 2012.

Note: You should satisfy yourself that this policy will best serve your needs. You should read and understand the insurance policy, at all times, feel free to contact us for more information.