When can I apply for a Policy Loan?

Policy loan will be available when the policy has acquired a cash value, subjected to the policy terms and conditions.

Please note that certain types of polices do not have the policy loan features e.g. policies purchased through CPF funds, etc.

What is the Maximum Policy Loan amount that I can take?

You may wish to call our Customer Service Officer for the latest Policy Loan amount available to your policy.  

How can I apply for a Policy Loan?

You are required to complete the Policy Loan Agreement before the request can be processed.

The Policy Loan Agreement can be obtained via the following options:

  • Call our Customer Care hotline at 6592-6100 to request for the Policy Loan Agreement to be sent to you
  • Email us at customercare@tokiomarine-life.sg to request for the Policy Loan Agreement to be sent to you
  • Bring along your NRIC / Passport to our Customer Service Centre at 20 McCallum Street, #07-01 Tokio Marine Centre for immediate processing of the Policy Loan application. Preparation of loan cheque is estimated to take an hour.

Please note that there will be no issuance of cheque during lunch hour (from 12.30pm to 1.30pm).  

What is the interest chargeable for the Policy Loan?

The prevailing interest rate on the loan is 6.3% per annum compounded on a monthly rest basis, subject to changes as determined by our Company.