Under what circumstances would a policy lapse?

  • Policy has not acquired any cash value when premium is not paid within the grace period.
  • Non-Forfeiture Loan outstanding exceeds the cash value.  

I have received a Lapse Notice from Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Limited. What should I do if I wish to continue with my policy?

You will be required to attach premium payment (with interest) with the Supplementary Proposal Form and send them back to us. Your policy will be subjected to Reinstatement Underwriting. A confirmation letter will be sent to you once your policy is reinstated. However, should there be further requirements, we will write to you.

I have not paid my premiums for a long time. Can I reinstate my policy?

You can reinstate your policy if:

  • traditional policy / rider(s) has lapsed for less than 24 months
  • regular premium ILP plans / Asia HealthPlus has lapsed for less than 12 months

Reinstatement is not allowed for the following plans:

  • Asia Platinum plan
  • TM Personal Accident plan
  • TM Protect Cancer plan
  • TM Protect PA-EZ
  • TM Mosbite

How do I know how much premium and interest to be paid to reinstate my policy?

You can contact your adviser or our Customer Service Officers at 6592-6100 for the latest quotation to reinstate your policy.

For more information or enquires, kindly contact our Customer Service Officers at 6592-6100 or email us at customercare@tokiomarine-life.sg for assistance.