When can I surrender my policy?

You can surrender your policy at any time. However, do note that there will be no refund of premium. 

What is the procedure to surrender my policy?

Policy that has attained Cash Value

  • Complete the Surrender Discharge Voucher and return it to us together with the Original Policy document for processing.

Policy that has not attained Cash Value/Term Policies

  • You will need to write to Tokio Marine Life Insurance to terminate the policy.  

I have lost my policy document. What should I do?

If you intend to surrender your policy but have lost your policy document, you are required to complete the Indemnity Form for Loss/ Non-Receipt of Policy Document.   

I have surrendered / terminated my policy. Can I change my mind and continue with the policy?

Once your policy is surrendered / terminated, we are unable to reinstate your policy. Hence, it is advisable that you consult with your Financial Adviser or our Customer Service Officers on the various options available instead of surrendering your policy.  

Can I surrender part of my policy?

Yes. You can choose to reduce your Sum Assured to make the premium more affordable based on your financial situation. You will receive partial surrender proceeds if your policy has acquired cash value.  

How long does it take to surrender my policy and get the proceeds?

For cash policies:
If you visit our Customer Service Centre at 20 McCallum Street #07-01 Tokio Marine Centre, you will be able to get the surrender proceeds within the same day.

However, if you send us the Surrender Discharge Voucher via post, the surrender proceeds will be sent to you within 3 working days from the date we receive the completed Surrender Discharge Voucher and the Original Policy Document.

For CPF-OA / SRS policies:
If the policy was bought using the CPF-OA or SRS funds, the proceeds will be credited into the designated investment account.

If you need the funds to be transferred to your CPF-OA urgently, you will have to inform your agent bank and authorize them to transfer the funds in the investment account back to your CPF-OA.

For CPF-SA policies:
If the policy was bought using CPF-SA funds, the proceeds will be credited directly to the CPF Board.

For more information or enquires, kindly contact our Customer Service Officers at 6592-6100 or email us at customercare@tokiomarine-life.sg for assistance.